1970 Ford Mustang
Mach 1 VIN# 0T05H114xxx

Price (as is): $6,000.00

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The 1970 Mach 1 is loaded. Originally Medium Blue Metallic with a White deluxe interior. Came with power steering, power disk brakes, air conditioning, and tinted glass. Restored the car would be magnificent in appearance, and performance. The Body is fairly straight, a few dents here and there. Front apron and radiator panel will need replacement. This came with a very powerful Windsor engine, and FMX transmission and 3.00 standard axle ratio. The 1970 Windsor heads were made for some heavy breathing to produce high horsepower with the right combination. A 351 Windsor is available, but probably would need a rebuild and the engine bay should be cleaned up at the same time. This Mustang has its original power steering, power brakes, and most of its original rocker panel moldings. The torque boxes seem to be in good condition as do the frame rails front and rear. A couple of small rust spots, but basically this car just needs a front apron and radiator, engine, transmission, radiator and a few accessories to be complete. The Deluxe dash is in Ok condition, but shows signs of wear and sun damage. Built September 30th, 1969 on schedule.





Engine:   351 2V V8 
Exterior Color: Bright Blue Metallic  Blue 
Interior Color:   White, Mach 1 Knitted Vinyl 




Brakes: Drum  Drum 

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To be sure there are no surprises, this is not a new car, but any defects you find, are all fixable. Please email us if you have any questions, and we will try to respond, by adding updates to this page.



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