1965 Ford Mustang
VIN# 5F09C329xxx


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Complete car, lots of rust. Project car, good for restoration. Has some rusted frame rails, and the rear springs have broken through the rear frame rails. Also, the rocker panels need to be replaced due to rust. Although this car is rusty, all new reproduction sheet metal is available for all the rusty areas. Would be a good project for us to start for you or a good car for you to learn how to do your own sheet metal. Parts in car: rear valence, grill, headlights, seats, fold down seat parts, door plates, rear bumper, rear quarter panels.





Engine:   289 2V V8 
Transmission: 3 Speed Manual   
Exterior Color:   Light Blue 
Interior Color: White   




Brakes: Drum  Drum 
Seats: Bucket Seats without Headrests  Fold Down Bench 

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To be sure there are no surprises, this is not a new car, but any defects you find, are all fixable. Please email us if you have any questions, and we will try to respond, by adding updates to this page.



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