1968 Mercury Cougar
XR7 VIN# 8F93F545xxx


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The Mercury Cougar was introduced in 1967 as the more upscale version of the Ford Mustang. It had awesome styling and upscale interior appointments and rode on a three inch longer wheelbase. The 3" longer wheelbase ensured a smoother, more comfortable ride. Yet despite its greater emphasis on luxury than performance, the Mercury Cougar still managed to make its mark on the American street scene. Motor Trend was so impressed with the 67 Cougar, it was Motor Trends Car of the Year! This Cougar is a great Cat to restore, because all of the hard work is done. The body is rust free and straight as an arrow, with brand new Highland Green Metallic paint, which is the original color. The 302 - 4V engine starts right up, runs great, and the four speed stick shift gives it more power to the pavement, and puts the car through its paces with ease. Really the only thing that still need to be done is to restore the interior, work on a few details, and replace a few chrome pieces. Fully restored F Code COUGAR CATS are bringing as much as $35,000. to $40,000. The neat thing about this car is that it has kept it's original equipment list and appearance for 40 years. It's a great foundation for either a stock restoration or a full-on restomod. The only reason we are selling this 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7, is that we just have too many projects to finish at MustangBeginnings already. This Classic Muscle CAT is a true head turner. Car comes with: Clean title New Highland Green Metallic paint 4 speed Hurst floor shifter (needs adjustment). Original 302 engine runs Great Sprint Racing Alloy rims B F. Goodrich Tires (have been sitting for awhile, may want to replace) All glass is good New Dual Exhaust system with Cherry Bomb glass packs New: Battery. The Body The body is rust free. The torque boxes, floor pans, trunk drop offs, quarter panels are all rust free. The doors are solid underneath where so many of these cars, even clean ones, can have rust issues. The edges are straight and clean. The trunk drop-offs and quarter panel lips are in good condition The floors on this car are good The headlight doors raise up and all headlights function correctly, including high beam, but the passenger headlight door needs to be adjusted. The headlight doors do close automatically when the lights are switched off.. Car does NEED: New emblems, reverse lights. The Engine and Suspension In the video you see the engine running with no smoking or leakages. The Cougar is equipped with disk brakes which stop the car fine, but you may want to have the disks resurfaced if you are going to do some serious road racing. Car does NEED: A Wheel alignment The Interior The turn signals works. The horn doesn’t work, and needs a new horn button. The steering wheel is after market designed for racing. If you would like a different steering wheel, we can provide an original for restoration. Overall, the interior is where you will need to concentrate your restoration efforts, and certainly you can restore to original or go restomod for racing. Either treatment would look great. Here's what else still needs to done on the interior: • New upholstery is needed, or new racing seats. • New carpeting is needed. • New door panels and arm rests are needed. • New radio or stereo system is needed • The shifter boot should be replaced with new. • A New headliner is needed. • Rear interior panels are good but will need to be cleaned up. • The dash will need to be repainted • A new dash pad should be installed. Overall, this is an eye-catching driver with solid mechanicals and intriguing possibilities. This collector car will only become more and more valuable. If you dreamed about a muscle car with the cool look of the cat, then this Cougar is for you!





Exterior Color: Gray   
Interior Color: Black   




Brakes: Power Disc  Power Drum 

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To be sure there are no surprises, this is not a new car, but any defects you find, are all fixable. Please email us if you have any questions, and we will try to respond, by adding updates to this page.



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