1969 Ford Mustang
Mach 1 VIN# 9R02M148xxx


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This 69 Mach 1 would make a beautiful car to restore or restomod. It already has a hole for an sun roof!. With its Winter Blue paint, Black out hood treatment, and black High Back Seats, it would have made quite an impression. Power Steering, Power Front Disk Brakes, and a 351 Windsor engine with an FMX transmission would have made this Mach 1 a pleasure to put through its paces. This Mach would be worth at least $25,000 to $30,000 when restored. The original 351 engine and FMX transmission are missing but we have both available on request. There is not much rust work needed to make this rare car something special. It will need a complete interior, engine rebuild, and transmission checked out. Other than some floor pan work, and a spot on one frame rail, the rest of the car is rust free, NO rust holes in trunk area, inner aprons, or torque boxes. IT IS A SOLID CAR. The car has the original quarter panels. Doors and fenders also look original. Seats are available. Needs ft & rear valances - Has the Rim Blow steering wheel [good for a core] Dash is needed as well. Restomod or restoration this is a good Mustang with lots of potential.





Engine: 351 4V V8  351 4V V8 
Transmission: 3 Speed Auto FMX   
Exterior Color: Winter Blue  Gray 
Interior Color: Black  Black, Mach 1 Knitted Vinyl 




Brakes: Power Disc  Power Drum 
Seats: High Back Bucket Seats   

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To be sure there are no surprises, this is not a new car, but any defects you find, are all fixable. Please email us if you have any questions, and we will try to respond, by adding updates to this page.



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